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Board Leadership

Welcome to our family of National Alliance for Mental Illness – NAMI Gwinnett

Our group works to be a wealth of information to you the consumer, the family member, the friends and relatives of those dealing with day-to-day issues of living with a mental illness.

NAMI Gwinnett Board of Directors

Michael Short – President
Selena Stewart – Vice President 
Deloris Chappell – Treasurer 
Sandy Stogner – Recording & Corresponding Secretary 
Larry Cobb – Membership Chair 
John Langley – Program Chair/ Hospitality Chair
 Anthony Catlin – Program Chair / Hospitality Chair
 Varughese Thomas – Board Director
 Mark Herbst – Board Director
For more information contact NAMI Gwinnett at
Wendy Casper –  Communications Coordinator
(maintains Email account, Website, Newsletter Editor, calling post distributor)


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