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Knowledge is Power.  Learn as much as you can about your loved one’s illness and find successful ways of coping. 

*        Duke, Patty and Hockman, Gloria – “A Brilliant Madness-Living with Manic-Depressive Illness”

*        Amador, Xavier – “I am not sick—I don’t need help”

*        Corrigan, Patrick & Lundin, Robert – “Don’t Call Me Nuts”

*        Nasher, Sylvia – “A Beautiful Mind” (Nobel Laureate John Nash)

*        Neugeboren, Jay – “Imagining Robert” (My brother Madness & Survival)

*        Duke, Patty and Hochman, Gloria – “Call Me Anna”

*        Berne, Erice, M.D. – “What Do You Say After You’ve Said Hello?”

*        VanBuren, Abby – “Letters, A Family Affair”

*        Hoffer, Abram, M.D. & Osmond, Humphry, MRCS – “How To Live With Schizophrenia”

*        Fieve, Ronald R., M.D. – “Mood Swing”

*        Neary, John – “Whom The Gods Destroy”

*        Peck, M. Scott M.D. – “The Road Less Traveled”

*        Wender, Paul H. M.D. & Klein, Donald, M.D. – “Mind, Mood & Medicine”

*        Sheenan, Susan – “Is There No Place On Earth For Me”

*        Vine, Phyllis – “Families in Pain”

*        Andreasen, Nancy C. M.D. PHD – “The Broken Brain-Biology Revolution”

*        Hatfield, Agnes & Lefley, Harriot – “Families of the Mentally Ill”

*        North, Carol M.D. – “Welcome Silence” (Schizophrenia)

*        Rappoport, Juddith L., M.D. – “The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Washing”

*        Self Help Book – “Schizophrenics Anonymous”

*        Isaac, Ralph Jean & Armat, Virginia C. – “Madness in the Streets” Psychiatry & Law

*        Goodwin, Frederick K. & Jamison, Kay Redfield – “”Manic Depressive Illness”

*        Styron, William – “Darkness Visible”

*        Neugeboren, Jay – “Transforming Madness”

*        Presbyterian Church – “Church and Serious Mental Illness”

*        Winerip, Michael – “9 Highland Road”

*        Lamb, Wally – “I Know This Much Is True”

*        Torrey, E. Fuller, M.D. – “Surviving Schizophrenia: A Manual for Families Consumers and Providers” 3rd Edition

*        Torrey, E. Fuller, M.D. – “No Where To Go – Homeless”

*        Hinckley, Jack & Joann – “Breaking Point”   

*        Park, Clare Clairborne & Shapiro, Leon, M.D. – “You Are Not Alone-Understanding”

*        Walsh, MaryEllen – “Schizophrenia: Straight Talk for Families & Friends”

*        Bernheim, Kayla, LeWine, Richard & Beale, Carolyn – “The Caring Family:  Living With Chronic Mental Illness” 1982

*        Kanter, Joel – “Coping Strategies for Families of the Mentally Ill

*         Temes, Roberta – “Getting Your Life Back Together When You Have Schizophrenia”

*         Miklowitz, David J., PhD – “The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know”

*        Musser, Kim T. PhD & Gillberg, Christopher, M.D., PhD. – “The Schizophrenias: A Biological Approach To the

Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders”


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